Hospital Pricing Information for Orthopedic Surgery

New guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services require hospitals to place a list of standard charges on their website. This includes the hospital’s standard charges for each diagnosis-related group (DRG). A DRG provides a way to categorize the type of patients a hospital treats and covers all charges associated with an inpatient stay, from admission to discharge.

We understand the costs of care can be confusing. A comprehensive list, generally referred to as the hospital’s “chargemaster,” includes the standard charges established by the hospital for individual services and supplies provided,. and may be accessed below. The hospital’s average charges for each DRG also may be accessed below. The payment amounts that hospitals receive for patient care do not necessarily reflect the prices on either the chargemaster or the hospital’s average DRG charge.  

If you have private insurance and want to understand your potential out-of-pocket costs for care you receive at the hospital, please contact your health insurance company. They are in the best position to communicate your healthcare financial obligations.

For patients with Medicare or Medicaid, or patients without insurance, you may contact our hospital’s patient financial services department at 817.583.7024 to get estimates or additional information.

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