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Hand Procedures

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Orthopedic Care for Hand Pain

Patients suffering from a disease or injury to the hand can find long-lasting relief at Baylor Scott & White Orthopedic and Spine Hospital – Arlington. Orthopedic specialists effectively treat hand ailments by drawing upon orthopedic training, patient care experience, the latest diagnostic imaging equipment, advanced hand surgery methods, and top- quality surgical facilities.

Proven procedures used to care for hand conditions can range from simple splints for jammed fingers to complex orthopedic joint replacement surgery. Hand specialists have a comprehensive knowledge of what needs to be done to return bones, joints, nerves, or tendons in the hand to full strength.

A prime example of how orthopedic hand procedures change and adjust to patient needs can be seen in the case of osteoarthritis. Arthritis in the hand can cause chronic pain, prompting doctors to implement a treatment program that starts simply with noninvasive procedures such as taking anti-inflammatory medications and wearing a splint.

The next step for such conditions as basal joint osteoarthritis may call for hand therapy exercises or steroid injections. Hand therapy is an orthopedic rehabilitation technique led by a trained physical therapist who focuses on relieving conditions of the hands and upper extremities.

Patients who may benefit from hand therapy at Baylor Scott & White – Arlington include those recovering from trauma, car accident, crushing impact, nerve damage, amputations, or burns on the hands. This treatment program assists with pain management, restoring feeling from damaged nerves, builds strength, and develops overall dexterity.

Hand Surgery Offers Multiple Solutions

After exploring all the best options for each case, orthopedic surgeons may recommend hand surgery. A few of the surgical hand procedures possible at Baylor Scott & White – Arlington include:

  • Bone fusion (stabilizes arthritic joint)
  • Installation of metal wires, screws, or plates (stabilize bones in a broken hand or broken finger)
  • Minimally invasive needle aponeurotomy (divides fibrous tissue formed by Dupuytren’s contraction)
  • Hand joint reconstruction with tendon graft
  • Endoscopic carpal tunnel release surgery (divides transverse carpal tunnel ligament to reduce pressure on the nerve)
  • Open carpal tunnel release surgery
  • Tendon sheath surgery with needle or incision (loosens sheath to relax trigger finger)
  • Tendon transfer surgery on lacerated and ruptured tendons (moves a tendon and reattaches it to a location with better stability, nerve condition, and blood supply)
  • Replantation of a finger or hand
  • Arthroscopic minimally invasive hand surgery (enlarges thumb compartment)
  • Flexor tendon hand surgery (widens tendon sheath tunnel)
  • Aspiration and excision of gangliar cysts

Consult an Orthopedic Hand Specialist

Hand pain can be caused by a wide variety of injuries and diseases, so the first step to successful medical treatment requires careful examination and testing. Baylor Scott & White – Arlington hand specialists consider the big picture of each patient’s life, medical history, pain level, and more before presenting a

diagnosis. They also have the use of advanced diagnostic imaging equipment to accurately locate and examine damage to the hand’s bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons.

For a complete assessment of your hand condition and potential orthopedic procedures to treat the problem, call 855-41-ORTHO for an appointment with an orthopedic hand specialist