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Hand Conditions

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Keep Hands Healthy

Hand pain is often caused by a bone fracture. Symptoms of a broken hand can include swelling, visible deformity, shortened finger, loss of mobility, depressed knuckle (boxer’s fracture), or crossed fingers when making a fist. The exact location and type of fracture can be identified by an orthopedic hand specialist using X-rays.

Joints in the hand can also suffer from the degenerative effects of arthritis, which can take many forms. Basal joint osteoarthritis, for example, causes pain at the base of the thumb and is caused by the wear and tear on the hand as you age. Friction inside the thumb joint destroys cartilage over time, sometimes creating bone spurs. The result is thumb pain that makes it difficult to grip or pinch using your hand.

Fractures and arthritis in the bones of the hand can also contribute to the nerve disorder known as carpal tunnel syndrome. This refers to a pinched nerve in the wrist.

Other hand conditions impact tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Hand pain from these types of disorders can include:

Orthopedic hand specialists and orthopedic surgeons can treat these types of hand disorders either nonsurgically or surgically, depending on the diagnosis. Orthopedic surgery for the hand can be done using minimally invasive surgical techniques in many cases, requiring no overnight stay in the hospital.

To diagnose your hand pain, contact an orthopedic specialist at Baylor Scott & White Orthopedic and Spine Hospital – Arlington. Set up an appointment by calling 855-41-ORTHO to schedule a comprehensive examination that can lead to effective treatments for a wide variety of hand injuries and disorders.